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The British Institute for Computing & Linguistics in Chichawatni offers classes in a wide range of technical and business topics. It is our primary mission to provide students with the professional training they need to begin working in the workforce right away, and our trainers are among the best in the business. Many well-known firms are happy to give our students an internship opportunity, Alhamdulillah! And many of our students have made it to the top of their fields by showcasing their talents.

If you enjoy sketching out ideas on paper and want to take your creativity to the next level, consider taking a course in graphic design.

With the help of our seasoned Web Design mentors, you may expand your options for a future job in this field.

Become a full-stack web developer and take use of the wide range of new technologies that are available to you.

The British Institute for computing

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Our skill development training programmes are tailored to the labour market's requirements. These programmes are supervised and taught by professionals with extensive industry experience.


Our training programmes incorporate a strong internship component that enables you to work with professionals on real-world industry assignments. It facilitates the development of your own projects, applications, and personal portfolio.


Our experienced team assists you in obtaining employment through their connections in the corporate sector. Additionally, we are happy to invite other recruitment agencies to conduct interviews with our students and select those who match their qualifying requirements.


The British Institute , is a Computer based Services and Training institute Chichawatni

Where we have the expertise and abilities to assist you with your complex business solutions. It's a place where the entire software benefits from our services such as web development, short IT and computer courses in Chichawatni, content management solutions, and graphic design courses in Chichawatni. When a student follows our process, he or she benefits from the entire training process, which includes theory, design, development, integration, and implementation. We created a team of professionals with extensive expertise to work on cutting-edge technology, novel concepts, and the latest tips, techniques, and tools. Each of our courses is job-oriented, which is extremely valuable for all undergraduates and graduates. Additionally, short computer courses are available that are easily understood by the candidate. Due to the economic downturn, the majority of new students, whether they complete matriculation, intermediate, or graduation, are jobless, or have employment

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